Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Searching for Inspiration

I wanted to create a place to come daily and be inspired. The world is an amazing place and I want to seek out the beautiful and inspiring things that hide in it. Today this is what I found.

Megan Kimber.

I love stories and the power of telling them. This is Snow White and Red Rose. The Story is about sisters who befriend a bear and it kills a dwarf and then turns in to a prince. But I love the dark of the forest they are in. The Black Forest, where the Grimm's tales spring is a lovely but dark and foreboding place.


Food. I find more and more that I am inspired by the human ability to manipulate what they need to survive. We did not settle for Woolly Mammoth on a spit...no wait, bad metaphor. I was going for caveman cuisine but invented something ridiculous. But take this pear...

For no nutrious reason, it's made to be delious. I want that.


I came across this picture of a gift I gave my wife for Valentine's Day. I made the box myself out of some hand made paper. I used a dye cut system that I love {more of that to come}. I do love creating something by hand. The paper was made by hand, into a box made by hand given as a gift.

It was a hit.


Sibella Court.

Always. The ability to gather but keep clean. She writes in her book 'Etcetera: Creating Beautiful Interiors With The Things You Love' that your home should be a musem of your life. Surrounding yourself with things that you love and have collected because you love, will end in a space that you will love and will captivate others.